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Universal Skin Ointment Kolkhuri™: an incredible comeback of the ancient Georgian folk remedy. Preferred by millions of loyal customers overseas, it is now available in the USA. Enriched with natural plant extracts and essential oils, the universal skin protectant ointment Kolkhuri™ provides the most effective protection, relief, and healing for the following:


Minor and moderate skin cuts and various skin ulcers

Furuncles (boils) and carbuncles - skin abscesses

Skin scrapes, bruises, pimples of any severity, acne, acne scars

Burns and sunburns, especially at early stages of damage

Post-surgical wounds and hard healing sores

Diabetic, and common feet blisters

Insect, mosquito bites

Drying effects of wind and cold weather

Chapped or cracked skin, cracked heels, skin cuts

Bedsores (pressure sores, pressure ulcers), as supplement to other treatments

Protects and accelerates the recovery of in any way compromised skin

There simply is no narrative good enough for explaining full benefits of Skin Ointment Kolkhuri™, unless you actually try it. It′s just as close to Panacea as it gets, its effects border on miraculous! Trust us: it is different from everything else available in the pharmacies. Its tested in centuries herbal formula makes it one of the safest, the most effective, and the most trusted products of its kind. Order a free sample of the skin ointment and become a believer after just a handful of applications!

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Skin Ointment Kolkhuri™

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